Comic Release


In a world where the rising fad known as "webcomics" is overtaking the internet, there are many poised to profit from this trend as they draw ridiculous, uninspired dreck to appeal to the masses starved for free entertainment. The chief offenders are those who have given birth to a new subgenre known as webmanga: webcomics that attempt to emulate the artistic style of Japanese manga. Such comics have become a staple of online otaku culture, many of which have acquired legions of adoring fans, while some have even achieved commercial success by being published in a printed format and sold right alongside the authentic manga at your local bookstore.

As webcomic creators across cyberspace continue to ascend to new levels of power and fame, their climb toward the heights of celebrity is closely monitored by dedicated individuals determined to restore balance to the internet. Unafraid of the swift retribution that will surly come from the webcomic community, these advocates of truth have pledged to take an upfront, no-nonsense look at the biggest of the big-shot webmangas currently populating the world wide web and decide for themselves whether or not their massive popularity is truly deserved. With a passion for brutal honesty and a trained knowledge of what separates true art from the derivative bullshit, some of the most well-known webcomic authors from across the world are about to encounter the toughest critics of their careers.

Some will call it malicious slander, while others will hail it as karmic justice. Whatever your opinion, one thing is for sure... Now is the dawn of a new era in online entertainment reviewing.

Thus begins the epic saga... of Comic Release.



Part I: "Twokinds"


Part II: "Earthsong"


Part III: "Protectors of Unicorn Forest"


Part IV: "9th Elsewhere"


Part V: "Megatokyo"


Part VI: "Yami No Tainai"


Part VII: "Grim Tales From Down Below"


Part VIII: "Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi"


Part IX: "Sugar Bits"


Part X: "Collar 6"


Part XI: "Misfile"


Part XII: "United States Angels Corps"


Part XIII: "Spinnerette"


Part XIV: "Pastel Defender Heliotrope"


Part XV: "The Lounge"


Part XVI: "Sinfest"