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Episode 11: "Fixing the Dojo"
(A 'Rurouni Kenshin' fanfiction by Demonicslayer)

Greetings, readers, and welcome to yet another fanfic review here on Project AFTER! I apologize for the long delay in getting this episode onto your internet browser, but it's here now so let's just focus on that and not go into how unashamedly lazy I am when it comes to adding new content to this site. As those lovable Chipmunks would say, "It's been awhile, but we're back in style, so get set to have some fun!"

Mind you, I'm only quoting those lyrics because it's such a sweet-ass theme song, and you shouldn't take their meaning literally, since reading through today's featured fanfiction will be anything but fun. Confusing, disturbing, repulsive, gut-wrenchingly awful... There are many adjectives that accurately describe this fanfic, but "fun" is nowhere to be seen on the list. Trust me, I double-checked.

The first problem with this fic is one that you'll spot early on, right in the name of its author: Demonicslayer. Besides the irksome lack of a space between the two words that comprise his name, the meaning behind such a title is infuriatingly ambiguous. Is he a slayer of demons, making him good, or is he himself the demonic entity, making him evil? You could spend hours pondering this and never arrive at any sort of satisfying answer, and that's just plain annoying.

As if that weren't enough, the fanfic itself is simply horrendous for many dozens of reasons, the least of which is not because it features rape. Gang rape. A virgin getting gang-raped, no less. Unluckily for ol' Demonicslayer, that's pretty damn high on my personal list of unacceptable taboos, right up there with pedophilia, bestiality, and sex involving fursuits. Especially that last one. I mean, seriously furries, WTF?

Getting back to the point, if you don't wish to have descriptions of forced "relations" displayed on your monitor, then I suggest you bail out now. Otherwise, tread lightly and follow me as we study the darker side of Rurouni Kenshin lemons in "Fixing the Dojo", a fic packed to the rafters with sheer stupidity that's outmatched only by an overwhelming amount of vulgarity in a combo potently terrible enough to strike weaker men dead where they stand (or sit).

On the bright side, I think I just solved the mystery of whether Demonicslayer is good or evil...



hiya all you fanficie peeps! Plz take off you shoes before you come in, I just cleaned ;P

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What you're about to read iz a Rurouni kenshin fic and a really good one i might add! Just so you know, I didn't write it. Dis was written by my friend demonicslayer, but he couldn't put it up on because his acount got deleted. but I'm reposting it here for him!

Now that's a brilliant idea right there. Your friend got banned for putting this story on the site, but maybe if you put up the exact same story then the moderators will let it slide because you have more smiley faces in your profile.

Plz enjoy Ok! Oh and if yur under 18 don't read. It has some "adult" situatins in it so your mom n pop might not like it. ::lols::


Oh my God, the stereotypes are all true!

Hello Demonicslayer here!

Animegurl123 and Demonicslayer... Now there's a deadly alliance for ya... Together they posted a fic so brutal. So evil. So deadly.

Okay for a very long time I have LOVED Rurouni Kenshin, I went and looked up every thing about the show and was confused to see barely any fanfiction so here is one to contribute...

Oh yeah, I mean, at the time of this writing, only has 11,659 Rurouni Kenshin stories in its archives, while has a mere 1,336, not to mention all the hundreds of privately-owned fanfic sites that collectively contain many thousands more. Obviously the internet was in dire need of more Rurouni Kenshin fanfics, and I personally thank you, good sir, for doing your part to see that this alarming shortage comes to an end.

Even though I admit I love Inuyasha more! So I decided to write a Kenshin fic!!! Please note that I made two new characters, both girls, a young one for Yahiko's crush and the other is Sanosuke's left behind lover. PS this story will not be on because they cancelled my second account bunch of @$$holes!

Yes, damn them for enforcing their own rules about not posting fics with adult content! Fucking Nazis!

New characters in later chapters!

Pairings: Kenshin/Kaoru Sanosuke/Mika Yahiko/Aowyn ( a-o-win)

Now you're importing Lord of the Rings characters into your fic!? Well hey, if it makes sense to you...

Chapter 1

Dawn had just risen over the horizon touching down on the damaged Dojo. During the night some drunk ex-swordsman picked a fight with Sanosuke. They had taken their anger out on the old Dojo tearing it apart.

"This is for reminding me that my father never hugged me, ya damn dojo!"

The old Dojo was a mess, but know one seemed to care at this point. They were gathering their weapons and heading out. It was payback time....

Guys, guys, if you mess up their dojo then the only thing you'll accomplish is starting a destructive cycle of violence and broken dojos.


Just one @ symbol would have sufficed, thank you.

Miss Kaoru sat in the middle of the main room at the Dojo sipping her tea. She had had a long day of training little Yahiko, Who was outside training on his own.

Sounds like she's really working her ass off there...

Kenshin and Sanosuke had gone into town for a drink and to buy more food supplies. She couldn't move her body ached from all the exercises she did today. She took another sip and almost spit it out from being startled.

Kaoru: *pffffpt* 5:30 already!? A new episode of Fatherhood is on!

There was a sudden bang against the Dojo doors. The sound got louder until...*CRACK* The wall began splitting. Yahiko who had heard the commotion slid through the back door and sat down next to Kaoru.

They're going to deal with this attack while calmly seated. Because they're just that cool.

She stood and grabbed the nearest sword without looking. The front door completely gave in and crashed open. " What is the meaning of this?" She yelled as men by the dozen began to enter through the hole in the wall.

Jeez, the Jehovah's Witnesses were pushy back then.

The men looked older than thirty and drunk. They began to swarm around the main room forming a circle around the two. The bandits snickered and stared down the teacher and her student. Out of no where Kaoru found the courage to stand for what was right.

Yes, how unexpected that she would do something she did in pretty much every episode of the entire series.

She lowered the sword and approached a man that looked like the leader. He was tall, bulky and had shaggy brown hair.

" What are you doing here! You have no right to....*SMACK* Ooof" Kaoru hit the ground whimpering, while rubbing a hand on her abused cheek.

Oh, WHAT!? Kaoru tries to take on a single unarmed guy and gets beat to the ground in one hit... I'm beginning to think that Demicslayer has, in fact, never actually seen or read Rurouni Kenshin.

A tiny bit of blood trailed down her cheek covering it in red stickiness .The man had struck her hard. " Women shouldn't talk out of turn! Know your place! You wench!" He demanded. A few men laughed at their boss's move. The boss chuckled himself.

Boss: Heheh, yeah, what I said was pretty funny. Heheheh, "wench".

He then walked over to the floor bound woman. He swung his foot and kicked her in the stomach hard. " Owwww! Stop please leave. Kenshin...Kenshin... Sano."

God, the syntax is even more painful to read than the action...

Kaoru slid across the floor as the man kicked her again to silence her. Out of breath, She hit the feet of some other men. The intruders bursted into laughter and one man picked her up by the forearm.

So what exactly has Yahiko been doing all this time, anyway? Did he run off to take a dump when the bandits first came in? Or maybe he just doesn't care that his teacher is slowly getting beaten to death.

She couldn't protest, her body ached as he violently slung her over his shoulder. "A little prize for ourselves!" The man joked and his grip tightened on her. Blood trickled down to the floor from her mouth.

Wow, she sure is bleeding a lot for someone who just got roughed up a little... Her platelet count must be dangerously low or something.

Yahiko grinded his teeth and lunged forward for an attack only to be stooped by the man's very large hand in his face.

"Stooped"? In Demonicslayer's mind, if the spell-check doesn't catch it, it's not a typo.

" Let her go!" He struggled and smashed the guys foot with his practice stick. " Owww! You little ingrate!" he yelled and lifted Yahiko off the ground by his shirt.

Bandit: You little ingrate! After all I've done for you...! I destroyed your house, I beat up your friend and mentor, and this is the thanks I get!?

"Hey let me go you!" He yelled and struggled. " You know since your trying to save her I think we'll help you out and just take her, as ours. The little wench needs to learn her place...In a man's bed!" They all burst out laughing.

Ahahahaha! "In a man's bed!" Hahaha! These guys are a riot!

Kaoru's mind raced ' Are they going to rape me? Oh Kenshin where are you?'

Before anything else could happen the back doors flew wide open. The men turned around to see two men.

The men saw the men, who saw the other men, and the men knew that the men were there for a fight, man to man.

Standing there in the door was Kenshin and Sanosuke looking as calm as ever. " Release the boy!" Sanosuke said. Neither Kenshin or Sanosuke saw the wounded Kaoru. ( A/N: Part of my plot! They don't realize she is in captivity AT THIS POINT!*!)

Hey moron, guess what, you don't need to reveal plot points via author's notes when said parts of the plot are obvious just from reading the story.

The man smirked and dropped Yahiko. He hit the ground and scrambled to his feet. " Please leave."Kenshin said calmly.

(A/N: This is part of the plot you guys! Kenshin is speaking calming AT THIS POINT! Just... Just thought you might want to know. OK, on with the story!)

The group whispered among one another and they turned to look at their boss. He shrugged.

(A/N: This is also part of the plot! The head bandit boss guy is shrugging... AT THIS POINT! Just wanted to make sure you didn't miss that!)

Kenshin gripped his sword lightly and Sanosuke cracked his knuckles. " Attack them men!" The boss said. With the order placed a few men drew their swords and attack. By the time the few men were down, part of the old Dojo looked like someone had hit it with a wrecking ball.

So then that's mainly how the dojo got destroyed, not by the drunken ex-swordsmen who were mentioned prior to the flashback. Maybe the author forgot he wrote that...

"Head out! What's left of you!" The boss said and with that they retreated. Kenshin sheathed his sword and looked at the damage. They began picking up most of the debris. After an hour of cleaning they took a break.

So... What the hell? They didn't even noticed that Kaoru got captured? Some friends they are.

" So Yahiko, tried to take those men on alone?" Sanosuke asked the young boy. " No!" He answered smugly. "Then where was Kaoru? " Sanosuke asked. Yahiko hesitated for a moment. His heart was pounding as he recalled the events.

Yahiko: Funny, it seemed like the bandits were beating... someone.... Ah, whatever. Let's get back to cleaning up the dojo and worry about it later.

" They beat her....." he said. Kenshin and Sano snapped to attention and egged him on. Yahiko took a deep breath " Not with swords but physically. That boss guy smacked her so hard blood came from her face. Then the slime ball had the nerve to kicked her across the room."

Yeah, and don't forget the part where you stood there and did nothing while all this was happening you spineless little bitch!

Yahiko said and lowered his head shielding his eyes. Kenshin stood instantly. " Where is Miss Kaoru?" He said looking around the damaged place.


" I think they took her."

Not only is Yahiko a fierce warrior, he's also a master detective.

Yahiko said simply, tears threatening to fall but he sucked it up. Kenshin almost dropped to his knees and cried but he had to be strong.

Kenshin: Alright... I suppose... I'LL just have to cook dinner tonight. *sniff*

" Why didn't you tell us sooner?" Sanosuke yelled. He was seeing red in his eyes. Kaoru had been sweet, kind, She always took care of them when they got hurt.

Not to mention she actually noticed when one of them got abducted...

"We have to save her!" Kenshin said trying to keep his cool. He knew she would be in serious danger if they waited until the next morning but they had to wait as it would be easier to see. No one slept that night...

Oh my God. That's why they're going to let her get raped and possibly murdered!? Because they're afraid of the dark!?! Now this story is just punishing me for thinking.

@%@%@%@%@%@To Kaoru

While the men retreated she felt herself being dragged on the ground. She looked behind her as her body leaked a small trail of blood. She moaned in pain.

For a martial arts instructor, she went down damn easy. Perhaps her inability to put up a decent fight is because of the author's apparent contempt for women. "Stupid Mom, grounding me for trying to push Sally in front of that car... Take that Kaoru, and that! Buy ME clothes for my birthday, will ya! I'll show you!"

She was being dragged by her ankle, her newest blue kimono covered in blood and mud. Tears began to escape her eyes. She had lost her voice no words came out when she tried to scream for Kenshin and Sanosuke. Neither of them had noticed her.

Thanks to a very convenient plot hole.

After about an hour of traveling and being dragged in Kaoru's place them men stopped on the outskirts of the next town.

"Them men"? The narrator spontaneously became a hillbilly.

" Let's camp out in the woods men!" The boss guy yelled as the men turned to the woods and found a fairly nice clearing. The man holding her ankle let go but then grabbed her wrists and bound them together. Then he slung her into a tree and tied her to it tightly.

He threw her up INTO a tree!? You'd think it would have been easier to just tie her to the trunk...

The rope was squeezing the air from her but it was better than what was happening next. ' Please Kenshin' She prayed as the men began to form a circle around her licking their drunken lips.

"Oh mahhn, my lipsh are SHO waishted righ' now..."

%*%*%*%*%*%End of chapter!!!

So what ya think? Good or Bad? Please review! I need to know! Thank you now please review!

How about I review your ass with my foot! Four stars, bitch!

Okay I have NO reviews! Do you peeps want me to continue!!!

God NO!

Well I will quit this story right here and now! So you'd better REVIEW!

WARNING: This chapter contains rape..........U Know the rules!

Yo. ...Those are the letters missing from that sentence.

Chapter 2

" Let's have some fun men!" The boss yelled and with that Kaoru was in trouble, her worst fears coming and appearing before her.

I really hope her worst fears are watching a bunch of bandits play Yatzee...

She felt the various hands of the men touching her all over groping her chest. The boss stepped up directly in front of her and ripped the bottom of her kimono off feeling her roughly. She gasped and wriggled trying to get free, but the man grunted and slapped her face. " Damn wench! Stop struggling!"

Good to see this chapter wasted no time in offending pretty much everyone everywhere.

He yelled and jabbed a finger inside her maiden hood. She screamed as the intense pain didn't stop there. Another bandit pulled her top off and attacked her breast.

BANDIT hits enemy BREAST for 31 damage. Enemy BREAST has been defeated. You find 20 GOLD.

He sucked and bit her hard nipples.

I wonder if Demonicslayer even understands the implications of her nipples being hard. Probably not.

" Please stop!" She sobbed as the man on her breast bit until he drew blood. " Shut it bitch!" One man said from behind. He swallowed her lips in his forcing his tongue in her mouth. Kaoru gagged a little as he bruised her lips.

I'll admit this fic does do a very good job of helping the reader identify with the protagonist... I too feel like I'm being violated to the point where I want to throw up.

The boss had pulled his two fingers out of her and smeared her juices over her flat stomach. He then took his length and wrapped her legs around him. Two men stood behind the boss holding her legs, while they were at it they bruised her legs up biting at them.

Why are they biting her legs? That isn't kinky, it's just stupid.

He forced himself into her tight space breaking her innocence. She screamed in a mans mouth and bucked her hips. She silently begged Kenshin to show up and save her from this hell, but he was nowhere to be seen.

Meanwhile, back at the dojo:

Kenshin: ...B-6.

Sanosuke: My battleship! Damn it, Kenshin won again! Rematch!

The leader hadn't even waited for her to adjust, he began pumping hard into her tiny fragile frame. He came letting a howl if relief out as she came into her orgasm. Her orgasm had forced some of her virgin blood to trickle down her thighs.

He came into her orgasm!? I think Demonicslayer is getting some of the terminology mixed up here...

The man let go of her lips and began untying her. The boss redressed himself and pulled her face in to his large hands. " By the way the name is Senginti..." He said

You know, a true gentleman would have properly introduce himself before the rape.

" Alright men I am done do what you want with her now but no killing. That's my job." He smirked and left her sight heading inside a tent. Kaoru began to shake as some man untied her but bounded her wrist and laid her on the ground.

I was really, REALLY hoping this scene would be over by now...

She was whimpering in fear. ' Gods Kenshin, Where are you? Do you even care about me!?' she wondered as men fought to go first.

Meanwhile, back at the dojo:

Kenshin: Alright guys, next up we got 'Ice Castles'. If you're like me, I seriously suggest you get your box of tissues out for this one.

They finally agreed and the dark skinned man straddled her hips putting his erection at her entrance. She was covered and sweat and blood and not to mention various fluids. She opened her mouth to scream as he pushed his VERY large penis into her small hole.

It's going to take SO many hours of huffing varnish remover to make me forget I read this...

He scream became muffled as a man pushed his cock in her mouth grabbing her hair. " Bite and you die, no regrets..." He whispered and pumped his dick in her mouth moaning in pleasure, She almost threw up because of how far he pushed into her mouth.

They're painting the walls of your private suite in hell this very minute, Demonicslayer.

The man at her pussy dug his finger nails in to her thighs as he threw his head back in sheer bliss and came in to her forcing her to swallow.

Man, I'm losing track of which bandits are coming in which openings.

The night went on like that over and over. Kaoru thought she would die just from the amount of pain her body was in. She was covered in blood, semen, sweat, and spit.

This whole fanfic just oozes bodily fluids... AND EVIL!

A short and rather stubby man leaned over her and chuckled at her fear. He pulled his hand into a fist and punched her hard in the stomach a few times with great force.

I think anyone who finds this arousing should have his dick chopped off, have it bronzed, and then be skull-fucked to death with it.

She arched her back gasping for air. " So you don't have any souvenirs" He laughed and began to walk off.

Bandit: Ha ha, just kidding! Here, have this t-shirt that says "I was gang-raped by bandits and all I got was this lousy t-shirt."

She laid there with no life to move on or continue...She breathed heavily and tears poured. Her mind raced as the men retreated to their tents but decided to bound and gag her to a tree. She gave up trying to escape and fell asleep never wanting to wake up again....

Yeah, I REALLY think the readers feel sorry enough for her at this point, man.

*%*%*%*%*%*%*% To the Dojo (the next morning)

Leaving the Dojo gates walked three determined people. " Say Kenshin, How will we find her?" Yahiko asked. Kenshin stood silent as did Sano.

...Yes, three determined, albeit outstandingly moronic people.

Truth was they had no clue how they would find her but they would try anyway. They began walking, barely a foot away Yahiko tripped and hit the dirt. Sano began laughing and torturing him.

The caption on the snapshot of this scene would read, "Sanosuke and Yahiko lighten the mood with some playful razzing while hunting for their friend's horrifically ravaged, possibly lifeless body."

Yahiko scrunched his face up and looked down at the earth he had fallen on. Leading away from him was a trail of blood. Not to far from the blood was Miss Kaoru's hair ribbon. It was soaked in her blood.

Son of a bitch, how did she not bleed to death on her way to the camp!?

Kenshin clenched his fist in anger as her tried to remain calm. The three fellows walked on for a good hour and reached the outskirts of another village. The blood veered off the dirt road leading into the woods.

Blood makes for a very macabre alternative to breadcrumbs.

%*%*%*%*%*To Kaoru

Kaoru blinked her eyes open as the sun shined on her uncovered body. Her body was bruised badly and had spots of dried blood. She could barely stretch her legs. When she did a sharp pain rushed from her stomach to her thighs. She winced as the pain began to throb.

You think that hurts, try waking up the morning after you tried rock-wall climbing at the gym for the first time. It's, like, OW.

A few minutes later she heard the sounds of the men waking inside their tents. Her bright blue eyes widened and tears shed as she heard them talking about having another round with her.

Oh man, if I wake up that early, I don't even have the energy to brush my teeth until I've downed two or three cups of coffee, much less participate in an orgy.

%*%*%*%*%*%*%*%*%*%To Kenshin

He swatted at the bushes with his sword as they walked through reaching the campsite.

You picked the wrong day to mess with Kenshin, all you walking bushes!

His eyes scanned the area for any signs of the teacher. Sano spotted her and turned Yahiko around. " This isn't a sight for you to see." He stated simply. " Wait in the bushes." Kenshin asked as him and Sano walked into the clearing.

Yahiko: The evil walking bushes!? Hell no!

Kaoru's tears stopped as she saw her two rescuers. Of course color instantly rushed to her face being almost fully naked. Sanosuke bent down next to her trying not to look at her as he cut the bounds with a small dagger. He also stripped himself of the white kimono top.

Sanosuke: If it makes you feel any better, I'll get naked too.

The least he could do was wrap her in it to cover her. Kenshin pulled the gag from her mouth and hugged her to his chest.

Now I wanna see them try to offer a decent excuse as to why they didn't show up last night. That should be good for a laugh.

Sanosuke ushered them up to leave. Kenshin stood and put a hand down to her. She pulled her self up attempting to stand. She fell and screamed in pain. At that moment men from the tents poured out drawing their weapons, concerned at her screams.

Goddamn, even the bandits care more about her wellbeing!

Yahiko ran from the bushes to Kenshin's side and steadied himself. " Leave her and we MAY spare your lives..." Senginti yelled. Kenshin scooped the hurt Kaoru in his arms and ran out of the clearing placing her down behind a tree for safety.

Yeah, because I'm sure that even thought the bandits saw Kenshin take her over there, the fact that she's behind a tree will confuse them and make them forget where she is, thus ensuring her safety during the battle.

" Thank you....For saving me...but your late I don't feel like living any more..." She said looking away from his hurt face. He understood completely but wouldn't allow her to talk like that.

...So he bashed her face in with the hilt of his sword. After all, women are objects and shouldn't backtalk men lest they be reminded of their place, right Demonicslayer?

He bent down and place a kiss on her forehead before her ran back to help the others...

!^!^!^!^!^!^! %

End of chapter...Next chapter lots of blood, Batosai takes Kenshin's body over. Big conflict and Kaoru's broken spirit... PLEASE REVIEW! I haven't got one YET! WAHHHHHHHH! You mean readers! I review to everyone's story I read! ~_~ Very pissed

Oh shut the hell up. Just be thankful people aren't sending you profanity-ridden hatemail by the hundreds like they probably should be.

I MAY STOP THE STORY! Do you want that??? Grrrrrrrr! This chapter was a little sad but still be NICE if you review!

Actually, I'd be fine with it if you just stopped the story... Also, it should be noted that Demonicslayer pulls this demanding, whiney-ass emo shit before and after every single chapter. However, I'm going to leave out his mini-rants for the rest of this episode because they're not pertinent to the story, and also because reading them hurts your eyes worse than if you filled a pair of goggles with undiluted citric acid and then wore them for a month without blinking.

Chapter 3

Shattered. That was the best word for Kaoru at this point.

It also does a damn fine job of describing the readers' hope for humanity at this point.

She had been violated and humiliated. Life was killing her slowly.

The ultimate oxymoron.

Her body ached and now her belly stung with pain. Sure she was happy to be out of there, but things would never be the same as they were. Would she even continue to live life? Would she want to? Why continue life knowing that you were violated and forced into the unthinkable?

Now we get to enter the depressing Lifetime Original Movie-esque post-rape stage of the fic. Goody shit.

She groaned in pain and kept running possibilities through her mind.

%*%*%*%*%To Kenshin

Uh, Kenshin's standing, like, two yards away from her. Dude, don't show us your bizarre scene-change lines unless they're absolutely necessary! I mean, "%*%*%*%"!? What the hell is that!?

Kenshin's blood was boiling. When he first came into that clearing and looked in to her ghostly eyes he found her spirit was broken along with her battered body. His vision became blurry as his anger grew so much the Batosai began to take over his body. They would pay for doing this to Miss Kaoru.

I like how Kenshin makes rage-fueled bloodshed a priority over getting Kaoru to a doctor or offering her comfort after her brutal ordeal.

He ran to the clearing seeing Sanosuke and Yahiko already engaged in fighting. He pulled the reverse blade from it's sheath. He couldn't control himself. He attacked every man in sight, killing them brutally.

I hope Yahiko and Sanosuke got out of the way...

He felt his normal side take over again after all the men were dead. Yahiko and Sanosuke stared in shock. Had the sweet Kenshin just brutally kill about 37 men in a few strokes of his sword.

I should just follow the question marks' example and leave this story without ever looking back.

Kenshin panted and sheathed the reverse blade again. He looked at the two others and continued on in to the forest to retrieve the wounded Kaoru. The three guys were coated in everyone else's blood. They went to retrieve the battered Kaoru and headed for home with her in tow.

...Dragging her by her ankle, leaving a small trail of blood in case they ever needed to find their way back to the campsite for any reason.

After about two hours of walking they reached the broken gates of the Dojo. Kaoru now slept in Kenshin's arms, addicted to his warmth.

That's how it starts. Years from now she's gonna be a heat junkie, selling herself for money to buy firewood and candles, getting high in the hot springs every night... It's sad, really.

They pushed their way through the rubble making it down the partly caved in hall way. Yahiko pushed open her bedroom door and pulled some bedding out for her. They laid out a futon in her room and very carefully put her on it gently as possible.

Well, unless they threw her on it from across the room, I doubt she's really going to care how softly they put her on a futon after what she's been through.

Kenshin couldn't even imagine her pain, it was worse than any battle wound he had ever received. She had lost all of her dignity and pride. What else was there to live for?

That Kenshin sure is one supportive, reassuring son of a bitch alright.

Almost immediately they began to bandage her miner wounds first. They would leave the more personal wounds for Magumi........

Chapter 4

Magumi knocked on the broken Dojo doors and Sano opened the door and showed her to Kaoru's room. The previous night they had all stayed in her room never taking their eyes off the teacher.

Magumi: I would have been here last night, but, you know, it was dark out...

Sanosuke: I totally understand.

The sliding door opened to reveal Sano standing with Magumi. Yahiko nodded and left the room knowing that Kaoru had 'personal' injuries. However Kenshin and Sano did NOT leave the room.

This is VERY important folks. Kenshin and Sano are STILL in the ROOM. REMEMBER that.

Magumi had asked them for help of course not to look at Kaoru's abused body. " Please turn so I can check for any other wounds." She asked.

"Oh sure, you can help me treat and bandage Kaoru, but for Christ's sake DON'T LOOK AT HER."

Her voice was firm but sweet. Kenshin nodded and Sano just walked out.

Sano, like the readers, just doesn't give a shit anymore.

Magumi removed a bit of the shredded blue kimono. She gasped and shuddered. There were bruises bigger than ever on the insides of her thighs. Kenshin snapped his head around hearing her gasp only to see a sickening sight. Kaoru's inner thighs were blood slickened and black and blue. He shivered not in a good way.

...Is there a "good" way to shiver?

He felt his stomach lurch and he turned his head away.

So he'll brutally slaughter 37 men without hesitation, but the sight of a few bruises makes him want to puke.

Magumi shook her head. How was Kaoru going to handle this? She shook the thoughts away. A few hours later Kaoru began to awaken. Pain hit her in waves but not as much as before. She remembered passing out on the trip home.

No Kaoru, you're thinking of that time you went to South Beach during spring break.

She blinked her eyes slowly open revealing four pairs of eyes staring at her. " M...Magumi?" She managed to say. Kaoru attempted to sit up only to have an arm push her down.

"Stay on your back and look hurt so the readers will have more pity for you."

She craned her neck to right to see who held her down. Kaoru met the deep blue eyes of Kenshin. He looked so sad.

Aww. No more easily-seduced virgin booty waiting for Kenshin. :(

' Why does he look so sad? Is he that way for me? Why do I feel this much pain? My stomach.'

I see, so the rape gave her amnesia. Of course.

She thought as Kenshin gently pushed her back to lay down. " Lay down Miss Kaoru, everything has been taken care of." He said trying to soothe her.

He liked being useful to her.

You know what else would have been useful to her? Saving her ass from the gang of violent, horny bandits!

At least she didn't reject him for what had happened. He began to stroke her hair again liking the soft silky texture to it. She began to fall asleep, Her eyelids grew heavy and she closed them. Her mind replayed the events in her nightmares....

I know that pain all too well. I dreamt about this horrible story over and over again for a week after the first time I read it.


Kaoru began to moan and thrash a little. Kenshin put his hands gently on each shoulder and gave her a small shake. Her eyes snapped open and she shot up bumping heads with Kenshin. She fell back after hitting him.

Shouldn't this be on the blooper reel at the end?

The dream had been so real. She looked up at Kenshin who was rubbing a red spot on his forehead. "Umm, Sorry" She said. He took her left hand in his a gave it a slight squeeze for reassurance. She sat there and kept her eyes from his ocean ones not wanting to talk about her experience.

Kenshin: Heheh, hey, you remember that time when you were dragged off into the woods and repeatedly raped like a filthy piece of meat? That sure was a wild night! ....What? Too soon?

Kenshin dropped his shoulders and gave a silent sigh. He was trying to make her feel better. It wasn't working, she was pushing him away from her.

Damn Kenshin you should just tell her you love her and leave.

Huh!? The narrator is giving one of the characters advice? Are... Are you allowed to do that?

She doesn't want a man now that she has had this done to her. But this is Kaoru, Sweet and innocent, Beautiful and smart. His Kamiya Kaoru, forever. His inner selves fought, but No agreement over her came.

Although they did agree that a nice, cold can of Fanta sounded damn good at the moment.

Instead of letting her lay on him he scooped her up in his arms and held her to his chest as if she would break if he let go. He wasn't letting go any time soon. He would let his emotions run to her even if she didn't feel the same.

Now she can be emotionally raped as well.


Chapter 5

AUGH! Be OVER, damn you!

Kaoru could feel Kenshin's ocean eyes baring down on her as if asking to tell him what actually happened. She didn't want to tell him. One because he would blame himself for not being there,

Good! He should blame himself. The whole ordeal was largely his fault.

and two for feeling pity for her. She hated people's pity. Kenshin just wanted to be helpful though. She looked up and sure enough he was staring her dead in the eye demanding an answer but in a gentle way.

Kenshin: Speak to me or I'll smack you! ...But not too hard or anything. ^_^

She opened her mouth to speak only to have silence ring through the room. Kenshin was silently egging her on. Trying to be helpful in any way.


Yes, please keep establishing that fact.

Tears threatened to fall. Kaoru buried her head in Kenshin's kimono and let loose the tears. " You weren't there to save me.... They abused body.*sob*... I feel so dirty. *sob*...*hiccup*

*sob* *gasp* *burp* *sob* *cough* *fart* *groan* *sob*

...They all used me for their own sick and twisted pleasure....*sob*...I wanted to die, I still want to." She cried. Kenshin's heart sunk deep to the pit of his stomach. He felt a wave of guilt suppress his body.

Little late in the story to suddenly be acting all unselfish for once, don't ya think?

He handled the crying woman ever so gently and tried to soothe her only to be pushed away from her raging emotions.

Heh, that's a woman for ya! Those crazy broads and their RAGING emotions! If only they used logic like men...

Kenshin pulled Kaoru's body closer to his neck and began to cry on her hair. " This is all my fault. I wasn't there to protect you, I should have been there. I SHOULD HAVE BEEN THERE FOR YOU!!!" he shouted half in anger and half in pity.

Demonicslayer promises TWO scoops of melodrama in every fic!

" I don't want your pity!" Kaoru shouted at him and pushed herself away from him rolling on to her futon. She rolled to face away from him. She didn't want his pity, All she wanted was for him to hold her and be there for her.

Oh come on, Kaoru! Play the guilt card right and you can get a lot more out of him than that.

She closed her eyes and sleep consumed her.

Kenshin left the room after Kaoru fell into sleep. He retreated into his room across the hall. He slammed the sliding door shut and plopped himself down on his own futon.

Well I think it should be obvious to everyone by now that Kenshin was the real victim in this story.

----------------------Six Months later---------------

" I now pronounce you husband and wife, you may kiss the bride."

What the... WHAT THE HELL!?! This story is skipping around like friggin' Red Riding Hood on her way to Grandma's house! Well shit, I guess I can't complain about anything that gets us closer to the end...

Kenshin leaned down and kissed Kaoru passionately on the lips. Yahiko and Sanosuke smiled at each other.

Yahiko & Sanosuke: *giggle* Our wedding is next!

The kiss broke and Kenshin picked Kaoru up bridal style. " I love you..." He whispered. She nodded and kissed his scar on his cheek. " I love too." She said. The wedding was held at the Dojo. Only Kaoru, Kenshin, Sano, Yahiko, and the village head man attended.

Six months of planning and this was the most extravagant wedding they could come up with.

The head man left leaving the new 'Family' to themselves. " Now we are all family, Sanosuke and Yahiko are here to stay!" Kaoru said. Yahiko and Sano brightened up. They had a REAL place to call home. Even if they were a strange looking family.

So this is all just a prequel to the sitcom...

"On with the honeymoon you two, me and the midget are going in to town for a while." Sano said and grabbed the back of Yahiko's Kimono dragging him out. ((((A/N: I DECIDED NOT TO ADD THE NEW CHARACTERS!!!)))) ^_^)

No shit? And here I was sure you were going to work them into the last four paragraphs somehow. And why the hell bring that up now, anyway? You could have just waited until the end... But I guess that would have made too much sense.

Kenshin smiled at the two leaving and carried Kaoru into his room where he laid her gently on his futon. He positioned him self above her and kissed her passionately as he played with her white obi.

A lesser man would make an Obi-Wan Kenobi joke here. Not me, though.

She wrapped her long and slender arms around his neck, loving the friction between their bodies. She could feel his arousal poking her lower stomach.

And thus was born Kenshin's peculiar nickname, "Pokey".

He slowly untied her robe and let it fall open. He could see the fear creeping up in her eyes as she moved her arms to cover her body. He stopped her and leaned into her ear.

"Your sweet ass is MINE now, trick!"

" You look gorgeous..." He said and kissed her. He rained kisses all over her exposed skin. He played with her breast, making her moan and or press his head closer.

...Well, which was it?

It felt right doing this with Kenshin, He was her true love.

Kaoru spread her legs as he positioned him self at her entrance. " Do you want me to?" Kenshin asked.

Dude, she just stripped naked in front of you and spread her legs open. What other signals could you possibly be reading from that?

She nodded. " I can't be scared all my life." She said and kissed him as he thrusted into her. They both moaned in each others mouth. Sweat dripped from the bodies as Kaoru met Kenshin's hard thrusts.

While the first sex scene was repulsive and sickeningly violent, this one is simply vague and mechanical. My advice to the author is to stick to stories where people keep their clothes on from here on out. Also, I strongly recommend that he hang himself.

Both holding on to their climaxes. Kaoru was first to let go of her orgasm and Kenshin followed. He collapsed on top of her then rolled off pulling her into his embrace.

Kaoru: So that was it, huh? Hmm. No, no, it was... nice. It was nice. You, uh, said you killed all the bandits, right? Ah. Oh, just wondering.

She snuggled into him....Sleep consumed them....

______----A Few Weeks Later----_______

" KENSHIN!" Kaoru screamed. Kenshin came rushing around the corner and into their bedroom. " What is it?" He asked urgently. " I'm.....I'm.... I'm pregnant!" She shouted...

Hey, and even after that bandit punched your uterus into pulp. Good for you.

%%%%***%*%%*%*%*End of Story!

And not a moment too soon. On a final note, I'd like to point out that this story didn't have shit to do with fixing any dojos.

I plan on making this a SERIES! Haha! The Sequel will be: Saving Life

GAAAHH!!! Oh no you don't! I suffered through one of your horrendous stories, and that's already one too many! You can take your crappy sequel and shove it up your ass right next to your head for all I care! I am DONE with you.


Man, what an ending. I really could have gone without the notification of an impending sequel... It was like one of those horror movies where the surviving teenagers think the killer is finally dead and everything is going to go back to normal, and then in the very last scene the camera pans down to the pile of rubble the guy was buried under, and this bloody hand clutching a huge knife bursts out from under the debris. Instead of closure and a feeing of satisfaction that the terror has ended, the audience just gets "The End" followed by "Dot, dot, dot, QUESTION MARK!"

Don't lose too much sleep over that frightening revelation, though. If more of this shit ever does appear on the internet, chances are it will be on some obscure, ad-ridden freebie page where no one will ever find it. That's right folks... If you can believe it, somehow animegurl123's attempt at foiling the security over at ultimately ended in failure. The day after I nabbed this story off of the site, it was gone without a trace. It looks as though even the mastermind duo of Demoicslayer and animegurl123 was unable to come up with an elaborate enough scheme to sneak an adult-rated fic back onto the site for any substantial amount of time. Many have tried, and many have failed, but I'm sad to say that if those two criminal geniuses couldn't pull it off, then I doubt anyone can.

And even though Domicslayer wins the prize for dumbassery with his brainless strategy of getting one of his single-digit-IQ-sporting internet friends to repost his story on the same site that deleted it only hours beforehand, I have to say that the man is even less adapt at writing erotic stories than he is at choosing where to upload them. Overlooking the fact that it was drawn-out and boring as hell, there was nothing exceptionally awful about this story except the part that was obviously meant to be its main publicity draw. I'm talking, of course, about the rape scene. And when you get right down to it, even if the rest of the story was magnificently written enough to put the complete works of Charles Dickens to shame, that scene alone would have been more than enough to drag the entire fanfic straight to Shit Town.

Thanks to the internet, I've become pretty numb to --and even more or less accepting of-- more horrid sexual fetishes than I care to admit, but rape is a whole 'nother ballgame... A ballgame in which, when those fifth inning munchies set in, you politely ask the guy selling snacks for a hotdog, but instead of just handing it to you he also pulls out a taco from his bag and then violently jams the hotdog into the taco, then retracts it and shoves it in again even harder than the first time. Then you start screaming at him to stop because you don't want the hotdog to go into the taco, but he totally ignores your pleas for mercy and just keeps ramming the hotdog into the taco over and over again, ketchup and salsa flying everywhere, his twisted, maniacal laughter drowned out only by your own uncontrollable sobbing and the cheers of the crowd who seem to find the whole situation darkly amusing for some reason you will never understand. While there may be some people out there who would enjoy eating a hotdog and a taco after they've been manhandled and squished together, I'm not one of them, and I no more understand how such a meal could look appetizing than I understand how anyone could find descriptions of a brutal rape erotic or exciting.

So congratulations for majorly fucking up twice on one assignment, Demonicslayer. I have a newfound inkling of respect for knowing that your story will never exist within its database, and that their readers will never lay eyes upon the abominations you've written of. And if anyone does ever read your story somewhere and manages to get turned on by it enough to try the whole "kidnap-n'-rape" thing in real life, then I sincerely hope they have a preference for man-ass and make you their first and only victim.