Guest Specials


This section is comprised of fanfiction reviews sent in by the most dedicated readers of this site, who were so moved by my selfless plight to rid the world of bad fanfiction that they decided to make their own contribution to the growing Project AFTER Empire. Someday, the people of the world will thank you for your sacrifice, my comrades... In the meantime, hopefully they can enjoy your efforts to take some terrible fanfics down a notch.


All Guest Specials are arranged alphabetically by the name of the reviewer.



"Bad Blood"
Reviewed by: Brolly
Saya gets a song stuck in her head and decides to go for a stroll around her father's estate for some presumably unrelated reason. Her aimless wanderings lead her to an old tower occupied by a retarded version of Diva, and things somehow get even more bizarre from there.
Source: Blood+ Author: That_Fan




"Love You Forever"
Reviewed by: Chris Keating
In this dry and derivative AU fic, Squall is recast as a super-angsty prince who is betrothed to marry Princess Rinoa, but rethinks his royal duties (as well as his heterosexuality) when his future brother-in-law Seifer introduces him to the wonders of interior decorating.
Source: Final Fantasy VIII Author: A Happy Little Bumblebee




"Angels Fall"
Reviewed by: Cody Baier
A bunch of monsters get freaky in what is unquestionably one of the most intensely disturbing orgies ever described. Later, James and an angel named Angel trek through an apartment complex and end up facing off against a strangely talkative Pyramid Head.
Source: Silent Hill 2 Author: Poof Chicken




"Frosted Treats"
Reviewed by: Dai Ou
In order to alleviate their boredom, Vash and Wolfwood decide to be as out of character as conceivably possible and bake a cake together. Naturally, it doesn't take long before the author steers them away from making dessert and goes straight for the yaoi lovin'.
Source: Trigun Author: A Happy Little Bumblebee




"Valentine's Day Surprise"
Reviewed by: Dai Ou
As Valentine's Day approaches, Draco Malfoy formulates a plan to win the affection of his secret crush (Harry Potter) by sending him an anonymous gift. Throw in a pun-laded food fight and you have another perfect storm of nonsense only Bumblebee could conjure.
Source: Harry Potter Author: A Happy Little Bumblebee




"Room 666"
Reviewed by: Dr. O
"When life throws you lemons, make lesbian aid!" Thus reads the personal philosophy of Sakura Kyouko, who can only deal with the death of her grandmother by roping an unsuspecting girl into a whirlwind adventure of homoeroticism and hard drugs. Classy.
Source: Puella Magi Madoka Magica Author: Uncle.Dragon




"Brotherly Bonding"
Reviewed by: Kuramastrass
A fierce blizzard forces Edward and Alphonse to take refuge in a hotel where the only means of keeping warm is a stack of blankets. After Al selfishly takes all of said blankets (despite being a damn suit of armor), Ed gets his revenge by using his brother as a giant sex toy.
Source: Fullmetal Alchemist Author: Teacuisine




"The Beautiful Family"
Reviewed by: Liz Hastings
Some boy and girl live in some house haunted by some ghosts, and some people eventually get murdered somehow. Enjoy racking your brain over one bafflingly vague plot device after another in this self-induced headache kit someone accidentally mislabeled as a story.
Source: Death Note Author: The Magician Fuuma




"Yokai Christmas"
Reviewed by: Liz Hastings
Yusuke hosts a Christmas party with an all-male guest list, and plenty of boy-on-boy wackiness ensues. In a departure from tradition, the party has little to do with drinking eggnog and signing carols; instead, the guests exchange porn and slyly convert Hiei to homosexuality.
Source: Yu Yu Hakusho Author: A Happy Little Bumblebee




Reviewed by: Mysty
The bond between enamored lovers Daisuke and Ken is tested when Daisuke brings home an abandoned kitten, much to Ken's chagrin. A disappointingly nonviolent argument soon breaks out between the two, presumably so they can have gay make-up sex at some point.
Source: Digimon Authors: Cynthia & Lady Dragon




"Death Note Ryuzaki's Friend"
Reviewed by: Protto
When a childhood friend of L unexpectedly shows up to aid in the Kira investigation, the team's goal of tracking down the greatest mass murderer in history is largely forgotten while the two detectives deal with the far more important issue of stupid relationship drama.
Source: Death Note Author: DancingSamurai




"Deflowering Robin"
Reviewed by: Styles Rockman
While on the trail of a dangerous witch, Robin becomes horny and asks Miho to share some of her lesbian love secrets. Miho agrees, and after selecting a suitably romantic spot (a parking garage), happily takes Robin's virginity in the most tasteless way imaginable.
Source: Witch Hunter Robin Author: Jd Wheels




Reviewed by: Styles Rockman
After getting into a shouting match with her mother, Sora turns emo and runs away from home. From there, it's onto a job as a stripper, a patient at a mental hospital, a gig as a pop star, and finally a bride in this action/adventure epic that contains neither action nor adventure.
Source: Digimon Author: Sora and Mimi




"Desires Unspoken"
Reviewed by: T_K_17
When an utterly nonsensical plot device strands Daisuke and Takeru in a snow-covered region of the Digital World, the two must work together to stay warm until they can find a way back home. Predictably, their innocent sharing of body heat quickly turns them both gay.
Source: Digimon Author: Higuchimon