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Unfortunately, the ever-changing nature of the internet means that any of the following links are liable to go down faster than a cocktail waitress at some sleazy movie producer's mention of casting a one-line part in the next Adam Sandler flick. If you come across a dead link anywhere on this page, please take a moment to let me know and I'll attempt to repair the connection if at all possible. And if that fails, I'll sever the link like so many heads in a duffle bag and send pictures of the gruesome carnage to the site's irresponsible asshole of a webmaster.


Anime Links
The fact that you're viewing this site of your own free will suggests that you're either killing time until those illegal Russian fetish porn downloads are finished, or you're at least a casual fan of anime. For those of you who fall into the latter category, here are a few links to some nifty anime-related websites you may enjoy:

Anime 3000

A rising star in the online anime resource scene, Anime 3K is home to a variety of podcasts and video series covering all aspects of anime, manga, Japanese culture, and all that other stuff you geeks are probably into. While you're browsing the site's lineup of exclusive multimedia offerings, make sure you check out The Other Side—a scathing, adults-only podcast run by longtime PA contributor Cody Baier and a revolving panel of co-hosts.


Anime News Network
Are you tired of getting left out of conversations about the most recent anime news stories? ...No? Oh. Well, now you can stay up-to-date on all the latest happenings in the anime world with Anime News Network! It has info on what's coming out next, who's licensing what properties, which celebrity anime couples are getting divorced, who's in rehab, that sort of thing.

Anime on TV
If you're in the mood to watch anime but can't afford to buy it and are too lazy to pirate it, watching the handful of series aired on television is pretty much your only remaining option. Thankfully, this site provides a news feed and schedule listings to make sure that you never miss an episode of your favorite anime as it's butchered by network censors deathly afraid of angry letter-writing mothers who want to make sure that their offspring aren't encouraged to actually use what they learned in that karate class they were forcibly enrolled in because they got too old for daycare.


Arlong Park

Despite having a server that goes up and down more than a PCP addict on a pogo stick and many of the site's informational pages being terribly outdated, Arlong Park remains a choice online destination for One Piece devotees thanks to its large community of fans who exhibit a genuine love for Eiichiro Oda's epic manga. It's actually pretty adorable in a dysfunctional sort of way.


Bleach Exile
As Bleach continues to grow in popularity, the number of fansites devoted to the series seems to shoot up on a weekly basis. My personal favorite of the bunch remains Bleach Exile, thanks to its sleek design, frequent updates, and impressive database of information. And if you're looking for manga and multimedia downloads, this site has you covered. Rock on.


Ecchi Attack
Part fetish documentation archive, part parody site, and an all-around class act, Ecchi Attack is a site dedicated to exploring the most bizarre perversions to come out of Japan, as well as the rest of the world (but mostly Japan). If you have a strong enough stomach and are the type of person who can find the humor in outrageously depraved cartoon pornography, this site is a must-read.

Mecha & Anime HQ
Like giant robots? The guys behind this site dedicated to everything mecha to come out of Japan sure as hell do. From futuristic anime and manga series to models to editorials to convention reports to mecha spec sheets featuring so many details it rides that fine line between awesome and pathetic, this site has got you covered when it comes to anything robotic in anime.

Rumic World
If you're a fan of Rumiko Takahashi's works, then this comprehensive collection of fansites for her various series is definitely worth a look. You can also visit the message boards and chat with the last of the diehard Inuyasha fans who somehow still give a shit, then spend days arguing over which fiancée Ranma should have ended up with. Or you could eat thumbtacks and then give yourself a vinegar enema. Just throwin' out some suggestions here.

Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series
Attention duelists! The original anime parody sensation that swept YouTube (and was promptly deleted thanks to some bullshit copyright policy) now has its own website, complete with every single episode hosted locally for your convenience. If you're already familiar with these hilarious fandubs, then you don't need me to sell 'em to you; otherwise, visit the site and find out what you've been missing.

Miscellaneous Links
Here are a handful of links to sites that are either personal favorites of mine or happen to be popular enough that peer pressure has forced me to list them because I want people to think I'm as trendy and hip as they think think they are:

The Amy Rose Show
Internet humorist superstar Muzzy Roberto is back on the scene with another heaping helping of hilarity in the form of this serial sprite comic about Amy Rose and her drunken exploits to get into Sonic's pants, most of which end with somebody getting killed (usually Amy). An instant classic.

The Castlevania Dungeon
If you're one of the legions of fans who believe Castlevania is one of the best game franchises of all time, then you should definitely bookmark this bitchin' fansite. It offers screenshots, codes, walkthroughs, and reviews for every game in the series to date, along with a plethora of info about the real-world mythology that inspired the games' most memorable creatures and locations.


Who says there aren't any good story-driven webcomics left on the internet! Oh wait, I say that all the time. There are exceptions, though. Don't let the anthropomorphic aesthetic of this one scare you off; Cloudscratcher is less of a traditional furry comic and more of an homage to golden age Disney cartoons like TaleSpin and Darkwing Duck. It also strictly adheres to a PG content rating, making this—somewhat ironically—one of only a handful of sites on the net where you won't find loads of furry smut.

Conjugal Felicity

Once you've gotten your fill of scathing, irreverent fanfiction criticism from PA, head on over to CF for some equally scathing, irreverent literature criticism. Turns out that straight 'D' high school students ripping off their favorite cartoon shows aren't the only people who can fail spectacularly at writing—some of the published authors out there are to blame for introducing the public to works that reek every bit as badly as the crap that gets pushed out straight onto the internet. Creative writing is the art of the damned, it seems.

Fighters Generation
If it's info on fighting games you want, this is the place to go. 2D, 3D, console, arcade, handheld... If it has fighting it in, this site probably has it covered. You'll also enjoy webmaster Frankie's hilariously overzealous obsession with fighting games, which is due in part to his monstrously huge ego born of his philosophy that being really good at Tekken makes you better than regular people, like a superhero or something. Except, instead of battling super villains and rescuing damsels in distress, he trash talks kids half his age at the arcade and spends his Saturday nights jerking off to erotic Chun-Li fanart.


The Filthy Critic

Movie nerds reading this site will likely spend equal amounts of time standing up on their chairs cheering this man on with all their hearts for his unabashed lambasting of the latest cinematic disaster that Hollywood has shit out into our theaters, and snapping their keyboards in half during fits of rage after seeing him mercilessly trash their favorite cult classic. I can only recommend taking a deep breath and trying to enjoy these reviews for what they are: a riotous series of tongue-in-cheek potshots aimed at everything connected to the film industry.

Hardcore Gaming 101
This site isn't about hardcore gaming in the sense that the games it reviews are really hardcore or anything, they're just really old and/or obscure. Yeah, it doesn't make a lot of sense to me either. Still, this site is great for taking both the hits and the wrongfully overlooked games of yesterday and bringing them into the limelight for a whole new generation of gamers. Long live the classics.

An exceedingly cynical website that specializes in the mockery of just about every facet of pop culture you could imagine (especially old video games for some reason I'm not entirely sure of). They do not, however, have any features devoted to mocking bad fanfiction, which is why you still need my site. AND DON'T YOU EVER FORGET IT YOU WHOOOOOoooores.


KC Green Dot Com

KC Green has drawn so many damn webcomics it's ridiculous. Even more ridiculous is that most of them are... actually good!? Holy crap! From this humble hub site you can find all of Mr. Green's innumerable masterpieces, including Gunshow, Horribleville, Custom Comix, and many more, each one packed with that masterful balance of dry wit and deranged absurdity that secretly terrifies me in the still quiet of the night.

The Magic Box
This site is your one-stop source for international video game news and release dates. Check out their frequently-updated news listings and find out about the newest developments for all of the awesome new games coming out in Japan that we'll probably never get in the US, because we all know that people in America are only interested in playing Grand Theft Auto and Halo.
I've got some good news and some bad news. The bad news is that you've had the wool pulled over your eyes. Rating boards, broadcast decency laws, and chickenshit publishing companies have been systematically gutting your favorite pieces of entertainment of sex, nudity, drug use, and violence—all the things that make life worth living. The good news is that sites such as are working hard to expose all the good bits that squeamish politicians don't want you to see. These guys cover content removed from films, games, comics, and more.

Over a decade after the tragic cancellation of Mystery Science Theater 3000, the show's stars are still putting it to bad movies (and even a handful of good ones) via RiffTrax. These riotous audio commentary tracks allow Mike Nelson and co. to continue shredding Hollywood's most shameless attempts at box office robbery, this time without having to navigate through a sea of restrictive copyright laws that try to kill the fun. Vive le cinéma révolution!


So what the hell is a SHMUP, you ask? It's basically a shortened term for "shoot-em-up", which refers to video games where you... uh, shoot stuff up. If it fits that description, chances are SHMUPS will have some info on it. This site archives reviews and screenshots for everything from classics like Aero Fighters and Gradius, to fan favorites like Bangai-O and the Raiden series, to highly sought-after gems like Radiant Silvergun. As you might have guessed, I love shoot-em-up games myself, and so will you after a short time spent browsing this extensive fansite.

Socks Make People Sexy
Folks who visit this site expecting to find image galleries devoted to erotic footwear are in for some major disappointment... If you're looking for articles and reviews of video games both recent and retro by various authors collected on a site with a quirky motif, though, then I heartily recommend you take a look at SMPS.

Survival Horror Online
A well-organized site dedicated to survival horror games (surprise!) that's updated often with the latest news on new and upcoming titles in the genre. It also features reviews for a few select games, as well as some interesting articles, multimedia, and a forum. They also provide plenty of links to sites that offer much more in-depth coverage for specific games and series. Overall, a great resource for survival horror enthusiasts.

Television Without Pity
Do you hold a potent, burning hatred deep in your heart for every shitty sitcom and ill-conceived reality show that has premiered on TV (read: FOX) in the last few years? These folks sure do, and they decided it was time to fight back against all the televised crap. Everything from Gilmore Girls to The Apprentice to Queer as Folk is fair game for this site's witty and biting episode recaps that don't miss a beat. If you like Evangelion: Rehashed, then TWOP should be right up your alley.

This site has some of THE hottest actresses I've ever seen, and for just $14.95 a month you can watch them... um.... No, no wait, I'm thinking of XXX Entertainment. Whoops! My goodness, how embarrassing. X-Entertainment is a sort of a 1980s pop culture nostalgia site as well as a blog archive, yet it's neither... Actually, I don't know what the hell it is. I do know sharp comedic writing when I see it, though, and this site has got it in spades. Definitely a great time-killer.



Fanfiction Resources
Just in case you happen to be one of those sick weirdoes who likes to read fanfiction without my witty and insightful commentary, here are a few links to some websites where you can get your fill of raw fanfiction horror:
An unaffiliated spin-off of, this big-kids-only version was created shortly after employed its "no adult content" policies, due to the overwhelming demand for a site on which people could post their smutty fanfics for public viewing. If the previous sentence did not make you hate the internet and all it stands for, then congratulations: You officially have no soul.
The original festering den of sin that started it all. Wander through the cold, pitch black hallways of this digital shrine to the downfall of all things good and holy, and listen for the screams of a thousand innocents as you tread upon haphazardly categorized fanfics of innumerable shapes and sizes, all of them written in virgin blood upon brittle parchments made from trees that grow within graveyards containing corpses of the slain righteous. They also have a search database and a handy online dictionary... OF EVIL.


Fan Fiction Now

An ideal destination for those of you who need your fanfiction RIGHT THIS GODDAMN SECOND, FFN offers a typical selection of categories and genres that you're likely to find on most similar fanfic sites. The archives are somewhat bare at the present, but they might still be worth browsing if you're impatient enough that getting fanfiction NOW is your main concern. Disclaimer: Whether or not you actually get your fanfiction any faster on this site, I'm not reading any to find out.

For fuck's sake people, the site is called "FicWad". What do you think the quality of the content is going to be like? Alright, so it's nothing worse than any of the other fanfic archives on this page, but it sure as hell isn't anything better... Although they do get extra points for having a section devoted to fanfics based on real people. Sadly, at the time of this writing, there are 0 stories on the David Bowie page. :(
Whip out those shovels and pickaxes kids, there's fanfiction in them thar hills! "Media Miner" is a very appropriate title for this site, since you'll have to endure days of exhausting work digging and sifting through all the hardened layers of shit found on this site before you ever encounter any of the precious few stories actually worth reading.
By now, you've got to start wondering just how damn many adult fanfiction sites the internet really needs. It might seem like there were enough as it is, but obviously someone thought it needed at least one more, because here we have, a sizeable archive specializing in stories about real-life celebrities (read: people who were in the Lord of the Rings movies) and various fictional character pairings, especially gay couples. If that doesn't sound like a barrel of fun, it's probably because you haven't suffered repeated blows to the head like the people responsible for creating this site.


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