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Think of this section as a sort of all-you-can-eat feature buffet. Pile your plate high with a hearty helping of any of our delicious features just waiting to pleasure your taste buds and satisfy your appetite for humor. We've got a fewó Whoa, hold on a second! Not you, Fatty! Gets your fat hands off of that. Now. That's right, I saw you looking at those subcategories. You big fatass. Jeez. Leave some features for the rest of us.



Comic Release

Letting out pent-up frustration over bad webcomics.



Cosplay Caption Contest

The ongoing saga of hardcore nerds with no fashion sense whatsoever.



Read articles, rants, and stories about all my fun adventures!

Evangelion: Rehashed
Finally, Neon Genesis Evangelion episode summaries that make sense.


Frequently Asked Questions
Because I didn't want mine to be the only site without an FAQ section.