Season 1



Episode 01

"Secrets of the Heart" - Part 1

When Pan admits that she has a crush on Trunks, Bra agrees to help set them up—but only because she secretly wants Pan to make a fool of herself. It just goes to show that some secrets shouldn't be revealed... Especially not in front of a manipulative brat.

Anime: DragonBall Z

Author: Mz D



Episode 02

"Secrets of the Heart" - Part 2

In the second part of this monotonous melodrama, we discover that Bra has developed feelings for the very person she was trying so hard to screw over. Whoops! Will Pan be able to return these lesbo-licious emotions, or will Bra be left alone and unloved?

Anime: DragonBall Z

Author: Mz D



Episode 03

"Pokémon: A New Experience"

With all the elegance of a bargain bin fetish porn title, this sordid tale tells the story of two young friends who take a break from their quest to become Pokémon Masters just long enough to defile the name of children's entertainment by losing their virginity in a sleazy motel.

Anime: Pokémon

Author: Anime-X



Episode 04

"Summer Time!"

The rules of proper spelling and grammar are thrown out the window early on in this fic as it takes its readers on a mind-numbingly dull trip to the beach. Once there, a torturously long swimsuit contest will make you wish a tsunami would roll in and wash everyone out to sea.

Anime: Gate Keepers

Author: Megumi2



Episode 08

"Trust Can Be Misplaced"

When his girlfriend shows up dead, Duo plays junior detective and attempts to find her killer by visiting his friends and asking each of them if they did it. Not surprisingly, his efforts result in the most pathetically ineffectual murder investigation ever conducted.

Anime: Gundam Wing

Author: Suetekh Seshat



Episode 09

"Final Starburst"

It's business as usual for the crew of the Bebop until they encounter a refugee who isn't who he claims to be. After that, things get all kinds of crazy as Jet suffers an emotional breakdown, Faye gets violently molested, and solar systems begin exploding at random.

Anime: Cowboy Bebop

Author: Skittles



Episode 10

"Allergic to Truth" & "Lemon Chocolate"

If you're a fan of painfully tedious, meandering stories that ultimately go nowhere, then you'll definitely want to take advantage of our special two-for-one fanfiction offer: Read through one horrendously bad Sailor Moon story and get a second one absolutely free!

Anime: Sailor Moon

Author: Adrian Tymes