Season 2



Episode 11
"Fixing the Dojo"
What starts out as a routine bandit raid quickly takes on a much darker tone when Kaoru is kidnapped and raped repeatedly. Afterward, both Kaoru and the readers spend the remainder of the story mourning the loss of their innocence and wishing they were dead.
Anime: Rurouni Kenshin Author: Demonicslayer



Episode 12
"The Real Truth"
Apparently feeling bored, Serena decides to kill some time by killing her friends and family. As it turns out, she's pretty damn good at offing people and decides to go on a major spree murdering everyone she knows while the author similarly murders all sense of  good taste.
Anime: Sailor Moon Author: Blackberry14



Episode 13
"The Bermuda Island" - Part 1
After a farfetched plot device makes him a millionaire, Ash uses his newfound wealth to take half the series' cast members on a cruise to a secluded tropical island. Once there, everyone ends up either having sex, participating in tedious Pokémon battles, or having more sex.
Anime: Pokémon Author: TreeFolk



Episode 14
"The Bermuda Island" - Part 2
Just as the record for the most orgies in a single vacation is about to be broken, a murderer appears and puts an end to the fun (although only briefly). Will Ash and friends be able to decipher the identity of the killer in time, or will everyone end up floating home in body bags?
Anime: Pokémon Author: TreeFolk



Episode 15
"An Uchiha's Proposal"
Sasuke's life is unexpectedly turned upside-down when lovable drunk Tsunade reveals he must get married or be relived of his ninja duties forever. In a move as bold as it is utterly nonsensical, Sasuke decides that the woman he'll propose to will be... Naruto!?
Anime: Naruto Author: Exrxr



Episode 16
"Everybody's Talkin' My Baby Down"
In this sickeningly saccharine songfic, the cast of Slayers are rewritten as idiotic, drama-obsessed high school students. Lina develops a crush on bad boy Zelgadis, but finds that everybody is talkin' her baby down. Speaking of which, Celine Dion lyrics! Somebody shoot me.
Anime: Slayers Author: Yugure



Episode 17
"I Would Never Hurt You, Master"
A teenage Integra discovers just how much it sucks to be on the rag when your roommate is a bloodthirsty vampire. While Alucard struggles to control his bloodlust, Integra formulates a daring plan to buy feminine hygiene products and randomly indulge in pointless flashbacks.
Anime: Hellsing Author: ParttimeDumbblonde