Special Episodes


Here's a list of miscellaneous reviews I've written for various fanfics and articles that had to be quarantined in their own section of the site. Anything I feel is deserving of my professional scorn but is too short or too strange to cut it as a regular episode of Project AFTER will eventually end up here. For the most part, this is basically a dumping ground for crap I threw together in a few minutes or wrote as part of some stupid holiday-themed update to waste time. Enjoy!



Pilot Episode
"DragonBall: A New Beginning"
Back before it got its own domain, Project AFTER was without a home. In order to generate interest in the series and hopefully find a host for it, I put together this brief pilot episode featuring an ambitiously shitty DragonBall fanfic. Ironically enough, this little seven-page mockery is what ended up getting this entire site started in the first place.
Anime: DragonBall Author: DarkDragon666



Special 01
"How to Write Almost Readable Fanfiction"
Learn the most treasured and ancient secrets of writing fanfiction from an unstable old woman who refers to herself in the third person and suffers from violent mood swings. Despite its claims to being a "guide" and all that, you probably won't actually learn anything from this that you couldn't learn from studying a toilet brush.
Type: How-To Guide Author: Ms. Nitpicker



Special 02
"Evangelion: Alone"
Since there just aren't enough Evangelion fanfics out there focusing on how miserable and tormented all of the series' cast members are, public demand has given us this story based on the suffering of Shinji, who is apparently depressed because everyone is dead or something. Or maybe he's just crazy (not unlike the author of this disaster).
Anime: Evangelion Author: Akateriel



Special 03
"Christmas at Sub-Zero"
A charming and poignant yuletide tale that reminds us all of the true meaning of Christmas. No, wait, I'm thinking of a different story... This one reminds us that the holidays are a dismal and lonely time of year when past hardships and lost loves are all the more agonizing to endure. There's also a really creepy sex scene in there.
Anime: Ranma 1/2 Author: Sam A. J. Halsall



Special 04
"Angry About Anime"
If you thought anime was just another harmless form of entertainment, think again! One very distressed parent speaks out against the evils of anime in this startling editorial that reveals how watching Japanese cartoons will turn any well-mannered, straight-A student into a horny, foul-mouthed killing machine in the blink of an eye.
Type: Editorial Column Author: Akiko Sakura



Special 05
"Helping Paws"
When a married couple is unable to conceive a child, they decide to take a vacation in the country in hopes that a change of scenery will help them make a baby. When it doesn't, the wife takes the next logical step toward parenthood by abandoning her husband in the dead of night to fuck loveable Studio Ghibli mascot Totoro.
Anime: My Neighbor Totoro Author: Didjeridoo



Special 06
"An Unfamiliar Evil"
A routine rescue mission goes awry when Jill Valentine and the rest of the S.T.A.R.S. team are attacked by the undead and wind up trapped in a creepy mansion. While that part may sound familiar, a preposterous plot twist results in a lot less zombie shooting and a LOT more violent rape than you probably remember from the PS1 classic.
Game: Resident Evil Author: Mugetsu G



Special 07
"Christmas Fluff"
Reclusive rich-boy/professional asshole Sasuke hosts a holiday soiree in hopes of luring a special visitor he's secretly crushing on. The guest of honor turns out to be none other than Naruto, who, thanks to the magic of extremely unimaginative writing, also silently harbors feelings for a certain former rival of his. What a co-inky-dink!
Anime: Naruto Author: Star Wolfie



Special 08
"What If Link Married: Ruto?"
This inane "what if" scenario offers readers a glimpse at what life might've been like for the Hero of Time had he concluded his adventure by shacking up with a literal fishwife. In an unexpected display of realism, Link's married life is banal, tedious, and totally devoid of anything that would make for an interesting story.
Game: The Legend of Zelda: OoT Author: MarioDS01



Special 09
Cosmopolitan's All-Time Worst Advice
A pair of articles straight from the pages of Cosmo that prove the magazine's editors are waging a secret war against our intelligence. First up, frustrated manchild Bill Nichols reveals 5 Dating Screw-Ups You Don't Realize You're Making. Next, fart joke connoisseur Dane Cook counts down 7 Things Men Wish Women Knew.
Type: "Advice" Articles Author: Satan